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Lost Boy's Other-Worldly Story Links

(More information and story codes are below... last change 6 May 2007)

22 July 2010
[lb] XXXecil - Nymph(a)maniacs (fm alien succ xform sf) Evil aliens enhance us, and enslave us, and breed.
19 July 2010
[lb] Lostboy - Little Indians (fm ff fd succubus demon mc) A village is under siege by the demon, Lilith. Why has she arisen?
[lb] Tantric Legion - The Corrupter (mf serial mc snake demon) Nobel women fall into the thrall of the serpent's priest (parts 3-7 added)
[mcstories] Chris Chris - Pediculus Humanus (mc insect drug ff) An untested drug has an ikky attack vector
10 February 2010
Removed 8-bit's story "October 26"
19 May 2009
[lb] Homealone - Breeding Station (ff plant tent alien) A breeding experiment gone wrong, and then oh so right ...
18 May 2009
[lb] Flesh Goddess - Flesh and Magic (ffmf succubus) Tavra and Jynn want to be goddesses, and goddesses need many, many souls (new part 4!)
23 June 2008
[lb] A. J. Watson - Redhorn (fm scifi succubus) Dark secrets fester in the heart of New Jericho
[lb] mjm202036 - Harry Potter and the Age of Lust (fm fox magic) Harry dreams of a lusty vixen
[lb] XXXecil - C.L.A.I.R.E. (fm ff mc sf xform) Body shifters break out!
[lb] Clemstra - Exhibit: Lettice (mf mc vore asfr) She's being exhibited: but for what?
[lb] Psion Biz - Faeophobia: Zerg (xform mc serial magic) Faeries mix it up
[lb] Sarus - The Boob Fish (fm vore drug) Those hungry Boob fish are much bigger beyond the reef...
3 June 2008
Apologies for the lack of updates! There are still more stories in my Inbox, so please don't feel unloved if your story has not appeared yet... W.
[lb] XXXecil - Silver Fox (fm ff mc sf xform myst) They had warned her about the dreams; prolonged, frightening, and erotic...
[lb] Jukebox - Our House (ff mc xform myst) Kit is poor and on the street; Sarah is rich, beautiful and strange. Why is Sarah being so kind?
[lb] Clemstra - Eat Me, I'm Ripe (fm xform magic vore) The poor man is ready to expire ...
Fixed the Ohida link on the Site Links page
18 March 2008
[lb] Homealone - Nursing Girls (xff lact tent impreg) Girls on Vacation help out some Tentacles
[lb] Monocle - From the Blue World (xf alien serial mc) Paula had always loved the Aquarium
[lb] Tantric Legion - The Corrupter (mf serial mc snake demon) Nobel women fall into the thrall of the serpent's priest
4 March 2008
Apologies for the formatting on these stories: UTF-8 encoding does not seem to work.
You can set the character encoding in your browser manually to "UTF-8" and all will work:
that's View menu -> Character Encoding -> Unicode in Firefox.
I would appreciate any suggestions for fixing this problem...

[lb] sourdough - Feeding the Young (fm insect oviposition caution) She wanted to be raped!
[lb] XXXecil - The Ten Inch Journey (Redux) (fffm scifi mc plant) Poor preyed-upon males long for rest; but there is an alternative ...
[lb] t'Sade - Sacrifice King (mfff teen xform drug rom sad) Sacrifices must be made, even for love
[yiffstar] Von Krieger - New Found Form (xform tg insect best mc) This disease has astonishing (but pleasant!) effects
[geek] A Strange Geek - Melissa's Rite (ff mf magic mc xform succubus teen) Melissa's new powers lead to new terrors in the Town of Haven

Here is a selection of my links to my favourite stories, gathered from
around the web.

I like stories with some sort of other-worldly component, including
magic, mind control, science fiction, transformation, transgender, or

Conversely, I am not interested so much in stories containing only
non-magical sex between adults, which I'll call "worldly" rather than

Here is a crib sheet for my story codes

Story Codes

fm - female/male, female dominant;
mf - male/female, male dominant
ff - two females having a pleasant relationship
mm - two males having a pleasant relationship

asfr - alt.sex.fetish.robots, could be mannequins, robots, androids, statues or wax.
bestiality - animals (other than human)
caution - not a very happy story, often involving death, violence and injustice
incubus - a male demon who impregnates women
mast - masturbation
myst - mystery (categories are missing to prevent spoiling a surprise)
necro - sex with the dead
nice - a more reasonable world to be in
oviposition - egg laying
plant - plant
rom - romantic (in a relative sense)
scat - poo
serial - mysterious changes are passed from one to another
succubus - a (usually) female demon that steals male essences
toy - manual dildonics
unbirth - birth in reverse (although usually more pleasant)
vamp - blood-sucking vampires
vore - someone gets eaten
writing - information about writing
x - alien, plant or strange thing
xform - transformation

This is not only a link site; many authors have kindly
allowed me to present their stories on this site.
Stories with green descriptions are stored locally.

I would love to have some more original fiction to
present here! If you are an aspiring or established
author, I would be happy to see any submissions.

Please send your submissions to my very good friend Wendy, and I will try to post them as soon as I can.

Please send any submissions, corrections,
comments, feedbacks or links to stories that
you like using the Feedback links at the top
or bottom of the page.

It would also be very sensible and nice of you to
support all the free stories on the web.
Let me count the ways:

- ASSTR runs on donations, and will disappear if people don't contribute
- Authors run on feedback, and will give up in sadness if people don't show their appreciation. Please communicate!
- The semi-commercial sites are labours of love and also need support
- Some of the sites let you vote on the stories. If you have read a story, please spare a few seconds to vote.

Now, back to the stories!

When I find a story I like, I place a link to it here.
Many authors have kindly allowed me to present their work in my collection.
If you have written an other-worldly story you'd like to see here, please send me some email.
If you have enjoyed a story on this page, please consider contacting the author to express your appreciation.

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